Let's install a FAT-O-Caster!

The guitar: an MIM Fender Squier Series Strat, a thrasher purpose-bought to do this demo...
We'll be installing a FAT-O-Caster (c) rotary switch to give this little guy TEN tones!

STEP #1: Remove the knob from the middle tone control

STEP #2: Take off the pickguard

STEP #3: Remove the middle tone control and wire the lower pot as a MASTER TONE

STEP #4: Mount up the FAT-O-Caster (c)

STEP #5: Solder the leads from the FAT-O to the 5-way and ground as per the instructions (differs by switch models)

STEP #6: Clip the Bridge and Middle pups grounds from the vol pot
and solder them to the center lugs on the FAT-O (differs by switch models)

STEP #7: Remount the pickguard on the guitar

STEP #8: Put the knob from the tone control on the FAT-O's shaft

STEP #9: Plug and Play, Baby!

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