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Deaf Eddie's wiring mod kits for Strats


Got custom or aftermarket pups in yer Strat?


If you have added a metal baseplate to your bridge pup, such a sold by Lindy Fralin or Callaham - a popular mod - IF you installed it following their instructions, it may interfere with the rotary's series and out of phase combos, by offering the bridge pickup another path to ground (baseplate > mounting screws > foil pickguard shield > ground).

Fortunately, the fix is VERY simple. Clip the baseplate's jumper (that they instructed you to solder) to the pickup's negative (aka "ground") lead eyelet, and instead add a third and separate lead, to ground the baseplate. Please see this illustration...



But, I have a humbucker in my Strat...
Will your mods work for me?

These kits are designed to drop right in to a standard Strat pickguard.
If you have a rear-routed body (controls installed from the back of the axe)
please E-MAIL me and we'll talk about the options...


Please note that a s/h fee of $2.75 will automatically be added to EACH ITEM in your order (for both domestic and international customers).


International customers
Please click below ONCE to add $10.00 additional s/h to order TOTAL

PLEASE NOTE: This is to help pay the s/h only - I am NOT responsible for any additional taxes,
fees or penalties incurred from purchases/packages shipped from the USA to your country.
Be sure that you check your local import/export customs laws.


Confused about which kit is which?

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Chromacaster,
FAT-O-Caster, the V.2 and the V.3

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Memphis Mods

CLICK HERE for a page of sound samples


The Original FAT-O-Caster (c) Kit
Easy to install and simple to use!

How easy is it? Watch me install one! Step by step photos - click here!

Three-notch rotary switch, get 10 tones from your Strat (see the manual)........................ 19.95


The FAT-O-Caster V.2 (c) Kit
Four-notch rotary switch, get 12 tones from your Strat (see the manual) ........................ 29.95


The FAT-O-Caster V.3 (c) Kit
Four-notch rotary switch, gives you 11 tones from your Strat (see the manual) .................... 29.95


The Memphis Mods (c) Kits
Four-notch rotary switch, get 10, 11, or 12 tones from your Strat (see the webpage) ........................ 29.95

Use this button to order any of the "Memphis Mods"
Be sure to tell me which one you want in the "message to seller" text box that opens on the checkout page


The Chromacaster (c) Kit
Six-notch rotary switch, get 16 tones from your Strat (see the manual) ............................... 29.95


The FAT-O for Fatties (c) Kit

Four-notch rotary switch, get 11 tones from your Fat Strat (see the manual) ............. $29.95

NOTE! These switches are designed SPECIFICALLY for genuine Fender "Fat Strat" models!
IF you do NOT have an official, honest-to-gawd FENDER-built Fat Strat, CONTACT ME before buying!

Available for Lone Star, American Texas Special and MIM models ONLY
(please let me know which model you have in the "message to seller" text box that opens on the checkout page)


NEW! The FAT-HSS (c) Kit

Three-notch rotary switch, get 9 tones from an HSS Strat (see the tone chart) ............. $19.95

This switch was specifically desgned for an HSS Strat
that does NOT have a splitable humbucker in the bridge,
including the Squier Fat Strat.

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